Our mission is to create a space to highlight those who take action to improve their community, the world at large, or themselves while simultaneously giving back to the organizations and people we feature driving bold, positive change.

 Jason - Co-Founder

Jason, cofounder, BMO,

Jason came up with the idea for Bold Moves Only in his last year at UC Berkeley. Passionate and empathetic towards may of the issues throughout the world, he wasn't sure where to start to make any sort of impact. Sensing many of his peers felt the same, he wanted to create a space to highlight those who have taken bold action to make positive change, and inspire others, including himself, to do the same. Jason currently hosts the BMO Podcast, so make sure to tune in for more episodes and incredible interviews! 

Alexander - Co-Founder

Alexander, co-founder, BMO, Bold Moves Only

Sharing many of the same feelings Jason had, Alexander was looking for an outlet to create a positive impact outside of his 9-to-5. He designed the supply chain for the Freedom Tee after haven been caught off guard by how negative of an environmental impact many commodities have. Also passionate about photography, Alexander is our in-house photographer. 

Nikhil -  Lead Content Contributer & Social Media Manager

Nik, BMO, Bold Moves Only

Nikhil has been driven to inspire and educate others to make a positive impact in our world through his multi-media contributions. Most notably, writing for our blog, The Bold Room, an online column of written features and interviews that explores some of the world's most challenging problems that organizations and individuals are trying to solve.